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Star5 qty Favorite toner
mut…@aol.com My skin is clearing up nicely while staying moisturized this very cold winter in New York
Posted on 18-01-24 Rekomen
Star4 qty So far so good

I've only been using it for a couple of days and it's quite good. I have some acne now and it calms my inflamed zits plus leave my skin hydrated 

Posted on 18-01-21 Rekomen
Star5 qty I am in love .
bim…@yahoo.com This product is very hydrating and it doesn’t leave your skin dry. I usually wear this through out the day with out any lotion or oil and I don’t get ashy or cracky I know I should probably use lotion but I don’t because this toner makes my face feels so refreshing.
Posted on 18-01-19 Rekomen
Star5 qty Love it
Kai…@gmail.com I have very sensitive skin that easily becomes irritated and red. This toner is wonderful it almost instantly reduces and gets rid of any redness while helping the overall appearance of my skin and pores. I will definitely be buying this again and for as long as I can.
Posted on 18-01-03 Rekomen
Star5 qty Benton] Snail Bee High Content Skin 150ml(Acne Con…
das…@hotmail.com I started using it on a regular basis - definitely clarifies and tones up the skin!
Posted on 17-12-28 Rekomen