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Star5 qty pretty good
b4s…@gmail.com i really like how you can layer this for more moisture and it absorbs well into the skin
Posted on 18-03-16 Rekomen
Star4 qty L-Ascorbic Acid Routine (Vitamin C)

I enjoy all the Benton products I have gotten. Not sure if they made extremely significant result but did not irritate my skin


Posted on 18-03-12 Rekomen
Star4 qty I feel like this is more like a toner? It's very w…
cvi…@yahoo.com It doesn't really brighten my skin or helps my acne, but it doesn't irritate or break out my skin. It does make my skin hydrated and smooth. Its okay for a $20 toner. Very pricey.
Posted on 18-03-06 Rekomen
Star5 qty Great for healing acne scars
kon…@gmail.com I have been using it combined with the Green Tea foam cleanser for a week now and I have seen some great results.I have acne prone skin and this toner really helps with the scaring.
Posted on 18-02-20 Rekomen
Star4 qty Toner

Good quality toner, doesn't have strong fragrance and feels good on the skin.

Posted on 18-02-12 Rekomen