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Star5 qty Fav❤️
mag…@gmail.com My Favourite toner, ringan banget dipake, gaada baunya sama sekali, bener2 hidrating, bisa bgt dipake buat seven layers toner.. bikin pori2 mengecil jd agak samar kalo bareface, dipake sebelum make up mantul banget sih, skin type aku combi to oily tapi ga bkin make up minyakan malah jd lembab dan kenyal, pokoknya bagus bgttt
Posted on 20-01-21 Rekomen
Star1 qty Ok
Zua…@gmail.com I was really sad because I thought i order the serum but i order this. I didnt see any changes on my face.
Posted on 18-10-13 Rekomen
Star5 qty Moisturizing
ely…@gmail.com This toner is really light and moisturizing, does not feel heavy on the skin, and skin feels prepared for the next steps.
Posted on 18-08-30 Rekomen
Star5 qty Best toner for sensitive dry skin
mic…@live.com.au This toner is amazing for sensitive skin with dehydration issues. It really plumps up the skin, restores hydration levels, and soothes redness!
Posted on 18-08-25 Rekomen
Star5 qty My HG!
mic…@live.com.au This has been my HG hydrating toner for years! It's light but hydrating and if you have sensitive dry skin use this and do the 7 skin method! I promise you'll see a huge difference! I use this for 7 skin method and the next morning my skin is always plump and hydrated and super bright and even toned!!! It's also great for lotion masking!
Posted on 18-08-25 Rekomen