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[Huxley] Essence Grab Water

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[Huxley] Essence Grab Water

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Brand : Huxley
Kode : HXS03-EO
Berat : 100g (0.22 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [Huxley] Essence Grab Water! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including Cosmetics, Skincare, Essence&Oil. Hydra Essence&Oil online.
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1. Hydrating essence yang akan mengunci kelembapan didalam kulit

2. Mengandung prickly pear seed oil, tidak meninggalkan rasa greasy dan lengket dikulit+extra hydration

3. Natural cooling effect dari peppermint

Cara Penggunaan:

Digunakan setelah menggunakan toner, taruh di kulit muka dan tap lightly supaya lebih menyerap ke dalam kulit


* It is limited to the properties of ingredients.



03 PEPPERMINT Cooling, Soothing

04 YERBA MATE LEAF Antioxidant, Strengthening immune function


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  • Reviews (13)
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Star5 qty Super Lightweight
tri…@yahoo.com Sukaaaa sama essence grab water ini, bener2 kyk air teksturnya, ringaaaan bgt langsung meresap di kulit, enak seger fresh, melembabkan ❤️❤️

Posted on 19-12-27 Rekomen
Star4 qty Nice
Olg…@gmail.com I have a feeling like the oil-like essence-like one is more moisturizing, but this one also makes my skin feel really good
Posted on 18-10-03 Rekomen
Star5 qty Awesome hydration boost

I love this item! I use it in the morning after i wash my face and apply on toner. Sometimes in the morning after i wash my face my skin gets a little dry, but this product really gives a hydration boost, and i love using it now. I'm on my way to my next bottle.


Posted on 18-06-04 Rekomen
Star5 qty Great hydration essence
yee…@gmail.com This essence is slightly thicker than what I expected. Consistency: gel-like essence, not too liquidy like water Sensation: cooling effect during application I love using this essence for a quick 2 minutes essence mask on my face. I would pat quite a bit of the essence on the face after toner, leave it on for few minutes and I find them very useful in terms of reducing redness after the shower (probably due to heat).
Posted on 18-05-08 Rekomen
Star5 qty Smells so good!!

Huxley smells so good. I got some samples with my last order and decided to get a haul of Huxley products. 

This essence is super hydrating and has been great for this dry summer that we get here. My skin gets so dehydrated during the Australian summer so this has been helping balance my skin and helps to lock in the moisture. 



EDIT: So one week later and I'm almost finished with this essence. So in all, after using it once or twice a day (one drop each time) it lasted about 3/3.5 weeks. I got mine during one of the timed sales so I don't feel like it I wasted my money, but I can imagine I'd feel differently if I'd paid the full price. I'd probably only be using it once a day if the weather here wasn't so hot and dry and it'd last longer but I chose the hydrating one for that very reason and it's definitely been helping. I just wish it'd last longer for the price that it is.


Posted on 18-02-07 Rekomen