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Star5 qty great mask

very interesting to use 

the oil and water mixing gives it a very luxurious feel 

feel very nourished after use

Posted on 18-02-23 Rekomen
Star5 qty super mask

In the mask, two departments, in one mask and essence, in another cactus oil, when the essence and oil are mixed, a gentle nutritive substance is obtained, the mask tissue is dense, well presses on the skin, a super nutritious and moisturizing mask, there is absolutely no stickiness78892016033598a9f7715c7b242f3ccf_1518163

Posted on 18-02-09 Rekomen
Star5 qty lovee

not so heavy on skin, moisturising as well8e34ff288c541ba2226b3c3194d3a0f9_1514692 

Posted on 17-12-31 Rekomen
Star5 qty Suitable for dry skin

This mask is very suitable for dry skin types, I love it since this made my face very plump, soft and glowy in the morning after i've used in the evening. Love this!


Posted on 17-12-21 Rekomen
Star5 qty would repurchase at full price

I'm usually a "not over $4 on sheet masks" kind of person and I did buy these on sale, but seriously, these are worth it! gonna repurchase. we are expecting a harsh winter where I live (it's been below freezing most of this week!), i noticed my skin felt soft and hydrated much longer in the day after using this mask. 

do be careful when mixing the oil into the essence though, it can move around the sheet mask easy and bunch it up into a ball! be patient with it if you need to.0b75e2972b64b62a458de2540cbbedee_1513413 

Posted on 17-12-16 Rekomen