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Star5 qty A repurchase
joy…@gmail.com I like this very much. A very hydrating mask! Love love love!
Posted on 18-07-18 Rekomen
Star5 qty Nice product
lov…@gmail.com A very special treatment. I thought it'd be too oily but actually turned out to be pretty good!
Posted on 18-07-13 Rekomen
Star4 qty New favorite
mal…@Gmail.com It felt so soft! Really good quality. Would recommend
Posted on 18-07-08 Rekomen
Star4 qty Good deal!
tum…@gmail.com Purchased during on a sale period and I believe it was worth the hype! Requires slightly more work than your average mask, but it's worth it!
Posted on 18-06-11 Rekomen
Star4 qty Lovely
loo…@gmail.com Its really pricey, only got it cos it was on sale and will only get it again if there was a discount. Smells awesome and skin feels moisturized! There's alot of oil/essence to spread down neck, chest and even arms. Takes awhile absorb after and there's really no need to finish off with a moisturizer. Unique packaging but a little troublesome in letting oil through.
Posted on 18-06-10 Rekomen