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Star4 qty Hydrating
Dal…@yahoo.com Huxley products are all super hydrating and moisturizing however they all have a strong scent to them
Posted on 18-07-02 Rekomen
Star5 qty Veerry good


Posted on 18-06-26 Rekomen
Star4 qty Worth it to try~
won…@gmail.com I've used the Huxley Essence grab water - i think that might be more suited for my skin. But this was still a good product to use.
Posted on 18-06-19 Rekomen
Star3 qty Enjoy the feeling, but not for everyone
rol…@yahoo.com My skin is dry, sensitive, and acne prone. I enjoyed how this made my skin feel and did add some nice moisture. Although I do suspect this product did cause some minor breakouts. I also did not enjoy how pungent the scent of this is and I find that every Huxley product I try is like throwing perfume on my face.
Posted on 18-06-16 Rekomen
Star5 qty An awesome combo oil and serum
she…@ymail.com If you are someone who hate oil.. but still in need of it.. this is what you must try.. nourishing as oil but with the ease of a lotion.. love it
Posted on 18-06-15 Rekomen