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Star4 qty sensitive & combination skin

I used it yesterday and so far I did not break out.  

Posted on 17-04-16 Rekomen
Star5 qty watery essence

Basically this is not even a toner.. It's more to the essence side but watery. Love it because it instantly made my skin more smooth and moist but actually I would call this like watery essence instead of essence  toner. :) overlall I would recommend for Sensitive skintypes 

Posted on 17-04-01 Rekomen
Star5 qty [Pyunkang Yul] Essence Toner

[Pyunkang Yul] Essence toner it has no fragrance and it absorbs quickly into my skin. Also use for my hand when hand feel dry the toner leave my hand feel smooth and it pervents my hand  of getting cut  from how dry hands get. 

Posted on 17-03-08 Rekomen