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Star5 qty Love this toner
kan…@gmail.com Gentle on the skin. On to my second bottle.
Posted on 18-08-26 Rekomen
Star5 qty Fabulous Essence Toner
mis…@gmail.com I love this toner so much! I have been using it for three weeks now together with the Whamisa Deep Rich Toner and they have made the most impact on the texture and condition of my skin. A little bit goes a long way making the Essence Toner really good value. I highly recommend this toner!!!!
Posted on 18-08-25 Rekomen
Star5 qty Thumbs up
jad…@yahoo.com Can never get enough of this. Very comfortable and moisturising, great essence toner. Great for 7 skin toner method, although I only do 3 or 4 layers. Good enough for me.
Posted on 18-08-25 Rekomen
Star5 qty Its not just "toner", its "essence toner"
feb…@gmail.com so, based on the product name, its not just "toner" but its "essence toner". and actually i try to using it like a toner but i think its not like that, you have to using it like an essence. and just like the other Pyunkang Yul products, this product like "don't have a smell" but actually it have but not strong. you know, just like a medicine.
Posted on 18-08-24 Rekomen
Star5 qty Muchas gracias
Ste…@gmail.com Han llegado todos mis productos
Posted on 18-08-23 Rekomen