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Star4 qty Best item

my skin feels good

Posted on 18-05-25 Rekomen
Star5 qty Amazing Serum
tin…@outlook.com Bought two bottles so i could have an extra; I loved the tingling sensation which would subside quickly.
Posted on 18-05-12 Rekomen
Star1 qty Not for my skin !

I only use 2 or 3 drops on my face but it broke me out so bad, gave me huge and painful cystic acne and pimples for weeks of using this. Took awhile to clear after I stopped using this, now I am still suffering from scarring from this Vitamin C!

Posted on 18-05-04 Rekomen
Star4 qty Worked Wonders!
Cri…@yahoo.com At first, I was kinda doubtful if the item I received was original since the packaging (much lesser writings) was waaayyy different than before. Also, the brand was changed from Natural Pacific to Nacific, and there was no any notice about these modifications (of which at least Style Korean had done so, keeping its customers informed). But thanks to Google! Finally, I am now appeased that this item is legit. Advertised as the Scream Serum, Damn Serum and even as a Cursing Serum, all seem to imply that there is a certain point of pain when using this - which caused me some major anxiety before using it. But after trying it for the first time, all these worries were just for nothing! I WAS COMPLETELY UNHARMED, LOL! For just about 3 days of using this serum, my breakouts were starting to dry up and were less visible. The pimple marks and dark spots have faded already on the 5th day! Also, it helped reduced my large pores and some fine wrinkles. Definitely, a must have!
Posted on 18-04-24 Rekomen
Star4 qty Fresh herb origin serum
ngd…@gmail.com Not bad, but it’s a bit oily, not sure about the effect
Posted on 18-04-24 Rekomen