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Star5 qty Gonna try this new package
Zer…@ymail.com I already used the old package, now i want to try the new package cause they said this is so much better than the pldest one
Posted on 18-07-21 Rekomen
Star5 qty Effective
yuk…@gmail.com I used it for 2 months with the other natural pacific skin care line. It was really effective. Try to pic your self just like what I did. It stings at first and a bit oily but who cares. I love this damn serum!
Posted on 18-06-25 Rekomen
Star3 qty Good for hyperpigmentation
mal…@gmail.com Good for hyperpigmentation. A bit icky but works well.
Posted on 18-06-20 Rekomen
Star5 qty AMAZING!
anj…@gmail.com I am in love with this product! I used it only for 2 weeks, and I already saw a big difference in my skin! My pores looked smaller, my overall skin tone was brighter, and my acne scars were fading at a much faster rate than before! I was slightly disappointed that I didn't feel any tingling or stinging when I first applied the serum, but everyone's skin is different! All in all, this serum really did do what it claims to do, and I would definitely recommend this to a friend!
Posted on 18-06-12 Rekomen
Star4 qty Nice
Mei…@gmail.com I prefer this serum for winter , I have combination skin , it feels A bit oily when use it in summer .
Posted on 18-06-11 Rekomen