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Star4 qty okay
hon…@hotmail.com was pretty excited to try this out since everyone was talking so much about this product. Honestly can't tell if it does anything for me.
Posted on 17-03-17 Rekomen
Star5 qty I will buy it agian
Mei…@hotmail.com It make my skin look bright
Posted on 17-02-26 Rekomen
Star4 qty review
sam…@msn.com it doesn't sting my face at all and my skin is not in the best condition so i'm not sure what all the fuss was about with the stinging. it is half oil half serum so it's good for my dry skin and has an orange/citrus scent to it. I've only used it for a few days so I'm not sure of its effects on my skin but it doesn't seem a little smoother and brighter. 
Posted on 17-02-20 Rekomen
Star5 qty Omg
ali…@gmail.com It leaves my skin feeling so moisturized, I'm actually buying the set now lol
Posted on 17-01-12 Rekomen