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Star5 qty Natural Pacific's Origin Serum
Rya…@gmail.com A combination of many vitamins and nutrient derived from natural plants and herbs; which helps give back the skin natural glow. Visible glow within a week!!!
Posted on 18-04-01 Rekomen
Star2 qty Spot

This serum made me out of small spot

I have not seen real effectiveness

Posted on 18-03-29 Rekomen
Star4 qty Good
tya…@yahoo.com More vit C. So good for my skin.. Recommended for ur serum.. its help full guys. Grab it .. now.. hehhee
Posted on 18-03-25 Rekomen
Star3 qty I don't really know
kel…@gmail.com I have mixed reviews for this. Sometimes it works very well and helps with acne and dark spots. Other times it clogs my pores and feel very oily. I think I might be using it wrong
Posted on 18-03-14 Rekomen
Star3 qty Its Good but little too strong for my skin.
she…@ymail.com I am having a mixed thought on this product!! Nothing bad has happened but the results have confused me a bit!! Pros: 1. Brighten up overall skin. 2. Skin feel clear and smooth next day! Cons: 1. It kinda dries up my skin on regular usage. Its strong for my dry sensitive skin!! 2. Fragrance is little strong.
Posted on 18-03-06 Rekomen