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Star4 qty Good....
Suf…@gmail.com It really helps my pores tighten and my skin would feel very moisturized in the morning ... However, i dont feel the tingling sensation though... But sometimes it's a bit sticky bcs of the hot n humid climate
Posted on 18-04-14 Rekomen
Star3 qty Not sure
mus…@gmail.com To be honest, i’m not hugely impressed by this product. It makes my skin look more relaxed and less red a bit (I don’t have a huge problem with skin redness though), but other than that and the “tingling” sensation it doesn’t really feel like much is going on with this product. Maybe I just haven’t tried it long enough.
Posted on 18-04-12 Rekomen
Star4 qty Good
Fem…@yahoo.com It's good product, but not for morning skincare. I feel so oily
Posted on 18-04-09 Rekomen
Star5 qty Highly recommend

This serum does sting/produce a pricking sensation if you happen to have any broken skin at all.  Its done wonders to reduce acne, but doesn't do anything to reduce the size once it gets going.  Doesn't clog the pores and is extremely light on the skin.  Feels like it evens out the moisture balance across the whole face and does produce a glow.  It is very moisturising and smells mostly like lemonade with bit of herbal something to it.  Scent is light and fades to nothing very quickly,  Highly recommend.

Posted on 18-04-07 Rekomen
Star5 qty Good serum
yoo…@gmail.com Ive heard a lot about this serum and it really works wonders my skin is nicer now than before
Posted on 18-04-05 Rekomen