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Star5 qty Best oil cleanser I've ever tried
nat…@gmail.com My 3rd or 4th repurchase of this product. This balm cleanser is the best at removing makeup and sunscreen so comfortably without irritating my skin. I use this every single night and take it with me when I travel. Also, the packaging is so beautiful and convenient.
Posted on 18-08-18 Rekomen
Star5 qty Best cleansing balm
van…@gmail.com Works effectively and does not burn my eyes. So good.
Posted on 18-08-14 Rekomen
Star5 qty cleans makeup really well

gentle and cleans all my makeupab3b8f4f8b0def1adafef6c5cd7604a7_1534039 

Posted on 18-08-12 Rekomen
Star4 qty Recommend
kar…@gmail.com It's a really good makeup remover and it removes everything very well.!!
Posted on 18-08-10 Rekomen
Star5 qty It’s just the best
Cos…@vp.pl My all time favorite, I’ve been using it for almost two years now. So in love. Best make up remover.
Posted on 18-08-10 Rekomen