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Star5 qty Best Cleansing Balm
esc…@yahoo.com The oil cleanser is great. This is the first cleansing balm that used and I’m in love with it. It’s really good in removing make up.
Posted on 18-09-16 Rekomen
Star5 qty Double Cleansing Must-Have
kar…@gmail.com It's the first and only ‘first cleanser’ I've ever used, but why looking for something better when you already found the perfect product? Melts away the makeup as a dream, especially mascara which was always a nightmare to remove. Way better than Banila Co.
Posted on 18-09-10 Rekomen
Star4 qty Great cleansing balm
jen…@yahoo.co.in Removes all makeup and doesn’t sting the eyes.
Posted on 18-09-07 Rekomen
Star5 qty Remove everythinf
pru…@gmail.com I am in love with this. Even my japanese brand mascara that my bioderma micellar water can not remove, this remove it easily. I find myself using it more than my bioderma which i absolutely loving alot. I highly recommend this for girl that love full glam look.
Posted on 18-09-04 Rekomen
Star5 qty Awesome
Ele…@yahoo.com Love this cleansing balm & love that they revamped it to hold the spoon/scooper.
Posted on 18-09-04 Rekomen