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  Expiration Date vs Manufacturing Date
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-10-13 10:29:57     View : 4544    
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Let's K-Beauty,

"Expiration Date vs Manufacturing Date"


Buying Korean makeup/ skincare products without knowing Korean would be confusing sometimes. Why? Because most of the words are in Korean! I got many Qs asking about the date in our lovely customers’ products. Therefore, here I will try my best to explain the meaning of the numbers in your Korean products. Some of you must be confused between the manufacturing date and the expiration date. Most of Korean cosmetics uses to write the manufacturing date instead of the expiration date (But a lot write both of them)


1. 제조: Manufacturing Date

2. 까지: Expiration Date

3. 사용기한: Use Periods






So you didn’t need to worry about the products has gone bad and will cause you a distress and irritation skin.


Another note, Korean use this format when they write their date: YYYY/MM/DD.

In addition, there are also the expiration period after you open the products. Here’s the list:


Using a product too long after the opening period can harm your skin! So please do note the using period! :)

Plus, I will give you few tips to keep your products!


 Hope this little information can ease your confusion and helpful!

Happy Shopping and let's K-beauty! 안녕~




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